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Regardless of which country in the world, highly sophisticated scientific and technological innovation talent will be highly valued, because their research may be in varying degrees to change people's destiny. Today, the level of scientific innovation in our country continues to improve, but can be among the ranks of the international academic ranks of scientists is very rare. There are historical reasons for this situation, but also the limitations of the actual conditions. In the path of innovation, we need the foundation, example and direction. Innovation is not easy; let the innovative thinking in the soil of science out of flowers, it is even more difficult. Countless accumulation, coupled with thousands of miles to pick a inspiration to create a scientific result. Therefore, innovative scientists such as Mike, need to be public understanding, the children in mind.
So, one day, "Li" who will continue to appear daily, people will no longer be bound by the level of science, life will not be easily lost due to disaster with the wind. Of course, when life is no longer wind, then, and then comment on world style, will certainly be a new choice, new weather

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