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Ioana Cornescu's


    • Senior consultant at Council of Europe

    • Attorney; freelance consultant at Cabinet de avocatura
      (private practice)


  • Legal expert at SIPU International

  • EU senior consultant at International Alliance for
    Advanced Judicial Studies & WYG International

  • Team Leader at ECO3 sprl



  • Foundation for Democratic Change

  • Université de Nantes

  • Universitatea din Bucuresti


• Over ten years experience in public administration at both
executive and managerial level
• Wide experience with EC development assistance and
other international and bilateral donors
• Experience in designing and developing programmes gained through
project proposal development and evaluation, Terms of Reference
writing, as well as through managing the implementation of international
assistance programmes for justice field 
• Practical experience in drafting strategies based on training needs analysis
• Experienced in handling negotiations with donors/contractors 
• Experienced in handling international liaison 
• Experienced in handling budgets for programmes
• Experienced in procurement issues
• Experienced in tender evaluations, including twinning projects
• Efficient in chairing meetings
• Experience in co-ordinating multidisciplinary and multicultural project teams
• Experienced in office management
• Experienced in writing reports
• Experienced in developing/organizing/coordinating training sessions
• Experienced in development of training plan, planning of seminars contents,
implementation of training and seminars
• Experienced in devising/implementing strategy for institution building


General subject-areas of expertise: judicial reform and independence,
judicial training, 



Senior consultant

Council of Europe

Government Agency; International Affairs industry

June 2010 – Present  (1 year)

consultant in the framework of a Joint CoE/EC project on access
to Justice in Armenia

Attorney; freelance consultant

Cabinet de avocatura (private practice)

Law Practice industry

November 2007 – Present  (3 years 7 months)

Consultancy work for various consultancy companies in order
to prepare offers for tenders in EC and WB funded projects
• drafted technical part of methodologies for projects in justice field for:
? Chad - long-term technical assistance project within the
Support Project for Justice-PRAJUST
? Croatia - Judicial Academy
? Georgia - capacity building in support of Rule of Law
? Kosovo - Ministry of Justice
? Romania - capacity building for the probation system and
inter-institutional cooperation regarding the protection of crime`s victims
? Russia - judicial statistics; execution and efficiency of justice (2 projects)
? Serbia - High Judicial Council and High Prosecutorial Council
? Ukraine - accountability and effectiveness of Ukrainian judiciary functioning

• Author of 2 successful project proposals (methodologies) for Serbia
(High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council) and Chad
(Support Project for Justice – PRAJUST), in June 2008 and June 2009,

Legal expert

SIPU International

Privately Held; Management Consulting industry

January 2009 – December 2010  (2 years)

Legal expert, member of the Project Monitoring Team (PMT) for
the evaluation of the project Information and Communication
Technology and Case Management System for courts and
prosecutors’ offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, financed by a
number of donor organisations and countries
(EC, SIDA, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway)

The overall objective of the project is to significantly increase
the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the courts and
prosecutors’ offices in BiH and Herzegovina.
The specific project purpose is to improve the availability of
information and communication technology for courts and
prosecutors’ offices in BiH and to increase the capacity of judges,
prosecutors and support staff in courts and prosecutors’ offices
to utilise this technology.

The PMT had to pay 3 visits to BiH from January 2009 to December 2010.

EU senior consultant

International Alliance for Advanced Judicial Studies & WYG International

Judiciary industry

September 2010 – November 2010  (3 months)

EU expert in judges' assistants status in the framework of the
EC funded project “Accountability and Effectiveness of
Ukrainian Judiciary Functioning: Civil Service Component”

Team Leader

ECO3 sprl

Privately Held; International Trade and Development industry

January 2010 – June 2010  (6 months)

Team Leader for the project "Continuation of the assistance
for the consolidation of the National School for Clerks network
of trainers and for the enhancement of their abilities to train
in the new Civil and Criminal Codes".
The project was financed under the European Commission
Transition Facility for Romania.
The position supposed mainly:
• giving intellectual guidance and supervising the implementation
of a 6-months project, counting 2 major activities: (i) drafting of 3
manuals in the fields covered by the new Codes; (ii) organizing and
delivering 3 train-the-trainers sessions, based on the 3 manuals,
for the School of Clerks trainers (judges, prosecutors, clerks)
• leading and guiding the work of the team of experts and project
staff (1 senior key expert and 11 short term experts; 1 project assistant)

Team Leader

Council of Europe

Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; International Affairs industry

November 2005 – October 2007  (2 years)

“Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Centres (JPTCs) in Bosnia and
Herzegovina (BiH)” financed by the Canadian International
Development Agency and implemented by the Council of Europe 
• I contributed to the development of the judicial training strategy 
•I provided consulting services to JPTCs management and staff,
Steering Boards, and High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council on
JPTCs’ internal organisation, management and public promotion,
human resources management and policy 
•together with short term experts I carried out review of JPTCs’
organisation, operation and position in the justice system,
proposed appropriate measures for institutional reform and
enhancement of JPTCs capacity to deliver sustainable training,
reviewed/evaluated the existing legal framework in the field of
judicial training and assisted in developing/drafting relevant
legal acts enabling the JPTCs to better perform their tasks,
assisted in conducting training needs assessment for judges
and prosecutors

Team Leader

Council of Europe

Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; International Affairs industry

September 2003 – October 2005  (2 years 2 months)

1. Joint EC/CoE project “Support to the Centres for Judicial and
Prosecutorial Training in Bosnia and Herzegovina” 
2. “Judicial Training Centres in the Federation of Bosnia and
Herzegovina and Republika Srpska” funded by the Netherlands. 
I advised and assisted in the process of development and
institutional growth of the JPTCs through:
• Drafting/reviewing important programmatic documents 
• Initiating reflection on setting up an initial training programme
and on developing and rationalising the continuous training
programme (including through drafting a concept paper for
developing a 3-year system of initial training)
• Supervising and managing the organisation of numerous
seminars, workshops, train-the-trainers sessions, expertise missions
• Assisting in building links with other European Judicial Training
Centres and with European networks, including through organisation
of exchange arrangements/study visits
• Dealing with procurement issues (office and IT equipment)

Director of international assistance programmes

Ministry of Justice Romania

Judiciary industry

August 1998 – May 2001  (2 years 10 months)

In the process of reforming the public administration with a view
to EU accession, a new department dealing with programmes
and prognosis was established within the Ministry of Justice.
Being a new structure, the department had to be progressively
developed under the technical leadership and guidance of its
director. Leading such a structure supposed inter alia: 
• to provide technical leadership and coordination of all the
international assistance programmes in the field of justice
(e.g. for the National Institute for Magistrates, for the
court information and documentation system, and for the
Ministry of Justice, including its directorate for prisons)
• to play a key role in the design and development of the
programmes (whose number increased to 15, all on-going
in parallel and consequently funding was increased from 5
million € to 22 million €). Designing and developing programmes
supposed also a thorough assessment of the country’s
pre-accession requirements in the justice field, as well as
developed analytical capacities with a view of identifying the
issues needing attention and addressing those through project
proposals accepted by the EC.
• to build and lead a cohesive and effective team 
As Head of the assistance programmes department, taking into
consideration the leading role in increasing funding for justice field,
I was closely associated to the development of justice reform policy
and strategy






B.A., J.D. (USA). Attorney at Law

Tel.: 353 (0)91 495372 
Room 404, Floor 2, Tower 2 
Generally available to see students. 
email: larry.donnellynuigalway.ie

Larry Donnelly has taken a leave of absence (September 2010-
September 2012) to become the Manager of the Public Interest
Law Alliance (http://www.pila.ie), a Dublin-based NGO.  PILA is
a project of the Free Legal Advice Centres (http://www.flac.ie )
that is seeking to advance the use of law in the public interest in Ireland. 
He can be reached by telephone at +353 (0)1 8728048 or
by email at larry.donnelly@flac.ie.

Larry Donnelly, a native of Boston, MA, USA who holds both
American and Irish passports, has worked in the School of
Law since 2001.  He is a Lecturer and Director of Clinical Legal Education. 
He teaches foundation level and advanced courses in legal research
and writing to all students studying law in Galway, serves as
advisor to the Galway Student Law Review and helps prepare
moot court teams that compete at national and international levels.
  Mr. Donnelly directs the largest clinical programme of its kind in
Ireland and places a large number of final year students each year
in “real world” placements for which they receive academic credit. 
This successful programme seeks to advance the public interest,
has garnered national and international recognition and was, most
recently, a finalist for the MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship. 
He also served as the School of Law Editor of the Judicial Studies
Institute Journal
, a biannual scholarly publication aimed at the
Irish judiciary, from 2004-2007.

Mr. Donnelly is an attorney admitted to practice before the state
and federal bars of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with
extensive civil litigation experience.  Mr. Donnelly was active in
Massachusetts government and politics, having served as an
Elected Representative of the Milton, MA Town Meeting and an
Appointed Member of the Milton, MA Municipal Finance Committee.
He has also worked in leadership capacities on political campaigns
at the federal, state and local levels.  He now comments regularly
on political and legal issues on both sides of the Atlantic in the
Irish print and broadcast media.

Mr. Donnelly is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in
Worcester, MA (Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, 1996), where
he majored in Classical Latin and Greek, and of Suffolk University
Law School in Boston, MA (Juris Doctor, magna cum laude, 1999),
where he was elected a Chief Editor of the Suffolk Transnational Law Review.


  • Legal Education

  • Comparative Law

  • Law and Politics


  • Legal Methods and Research

  • Intensive Legal Methods and Research

  • Advanced Legal Methods and Research



  • (2010) 4 Galway Student Law Review.

  • (2007) (1) Judicial Studies Institute Journal.

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  • (2003) 2 Galway Student Law Review.


  • “Developing Irish Clinical Legal Education” in
    (Thomas Mohr and Jennifer Schweppe, Eds.),
     Thirty Years of the Irish Association of Law Teachers _ (Dublin, 2019). 

  • “Clinical Legal Education in Ireland: Some Transatlantic Musings,”
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  • “The United States Federal Judiciary May Not Be a
    ‘Third, Co-Equal Branch’ of Government.  Implications
    for the Irish Debate on ‘Judicial Activism?,’
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  • “A Modest Proposal: The Case for Open Book Law Exams,”
    (2006) 2(2) European Journal of Legal Education 105.  

  • Book Review, “Discovery” by Eoin Dee, (2005) 5(2) 
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  • Book Note, “Immigrants Out! The New Nativism and the
    Anti-Immigrant Impulse in the United States,”
    22 Suffolk Transnational Law Review 775 (1999). 

  • Book Note, “Alien Nation: Its Impact on the United States’
    Great Debate Considered,” 22 Suffolk Transnational Law Review311 (1998).

Ongoing Projects

  • www.legalwriting.ie
    Partner in a collaborative endeavour with colleagues from NUIG,
    University of Limerick and Dublin Institute of Technology to
    design an online portal with text and exercises to improve
    law students’ analytical, research and writing skills.

  • National Report on Legal Education – Ireland
    Co-reporter with a colleague from University College Dublin
    on the current status of university legal education in Ireland
    for the 18th International Congress on Comparative Law
    in Washington, DC, Summer 2010.

  • Menu for Justice (JUSTMEN)

  • Contributor to a European Union funded, deep and detailed
    preliminary study of similarities and differences of legal
    education systems in different EU member states.


  • “Lawyers for Others: Toward a Practical, Public Interest Curriculum
    in Irish Law Schools,” (30th Anniversary of the Irish Association
    of Law Teachers Commemorative Conference, November 2010, Limerick).

  • Pro Bono, Public Interest Law and Combating Poverty and
    Social Exclusion,” (panel speaker) (Public Interest Law Institute
    European Pro Bono Forum, November 2010, Paris, France).

  • Who ‘Clinics’ and Where?  Considering and Questioning the
    Operational Practices of a Fledgling Clinical Legal Education
    Programme in Ireland,” (8th International Journal of Clinical
    Legal Education
     Conference, July 2010, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England)

  • “Teaching Legal Writing Online,” (with Dr. Elaine Fahey, Rónán
    Kennedy and Jennifer Schweppe) (4th Irish Legal Education
    Symposium, May 2010, Limerick) (also served as Symposium Rapporteur).

  • “Clinical Legal Education at NUI Galway: Some Observations
    and a Case Study,” (with Moya de Paor and Lorcan Burke)
    (Inaugural Conference on Service Learning, March 2010, Galway).

  • “Opportunities for and Obstacles to Expanding Clinical Legal
    Education in Ireland,” (UCD Legal Education Symposium, 
    Legal Education in Context and in Practice
    , March 2009, Dublin).

  • Irish Clinical Legal Education Ab Initio: Challenges and Opportunities,”
    (Sixth International Journal of Clinical Legal EducationConference,
     Lighting the Fire: The Many Roles of Clinical Legal Education, July 2008, Cork).

  • “Legal Research: Methods and Know-How for Solicitors,”
    (Central Law Training Seminar, June 2008, Dublin).

  • “Observations on the Teaching of Irish Legal Research,”
    (UCC Legal Education Symposium, What Are the Expectations
    of Legal Education in the 21st Century?
    ,December 2007, Cork).

  • “Clinical Legal Education at NUI, Galway: Progress to Date,”
    (TCD Legal Education Symposium, Education, Learning,
    Teaching and Research in the Irish Legal Academy
    , September 2006, Dublin).

  • “Why Traditional and Electronic Sources Aren’t Mutually Exclusive
    in Legal Research: A User’s Perspective,” (with Nora Lydon)
    (Academic and National Library Training Cooperative, Perspectives
    on Online Information
    , July 2006, Galway).

  • “Clinical Legal Education: Translating an American Innovation into
    Irish Practice,” (Irish Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, 
    Law in a Changing Ireland
    , April 2006, Cork).

  • “The Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston,
    Massachusetts and the Ensuing Litigation – Implications for the
    Scandal in Ireland,” (Faculty of Law Public Lecture, February 2003, Galway).


  • Regular Political Analyst, Drive Time, RTÉ Radio One

  • Regular Political Analyst, News on Two, RTÉ Television

  • Guest Political Analyst, Prime Time, RTÉ Television

  • Guest Panelist, Questions & Answers, RTÉ Television

  • Regular Political Analyst, Keith Finnegan Show, Galway Bay FM

  • Guest Political Columnist, Sunday Tribune

  • Guest Political Columnist, Sunday Business Post

  • Guest Columnist, Law Matters, The Irish Times

  • Guest Political Contributor, Village Magazine

  • Regular Panelist, Morning View, Dublin South FM


  • Director of Clinical Legal Education

  • Class Advisor, 2nd Year B.A. (Legal Studies) students

  • Founding Member, Meitheal, Service Learning Pilot/Mentoring Group

  • Faculty Representative, University Library Committee



Ivan Dinev Ivanov

Department of Political Science Phone: 502-863-7040 (office)
Georgetown College Email:
Cooke 106 Ivan_Ivanov@georgetowncollege.edu
400 East College Street Webpage:
Georgetown, KY 40324 http://homepages.uc.edu/~ivanovid/

University of Cincinnati (UC), Cincinnati, OH
Ph.D. in Political Science, August 2008
Dissertation: NATO's Transformation in an Imbalanced International System
Committee: Richard Harknett (chair), Dinshaw Mistry, Joel Wolfe
Areas of Expertise: International Relations, International Security and
Alliance Politics, Comparative Politics, European and East European Politics
Diplomatic Academy in Vienna and University of Vienna, Austria
Master of Advanced International Studies (MAIS), 2002
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
M.A., International Relations and European Studies, 2001
University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria
B.A. in International Relations (with honors), 2000


Ivan Dinev Ivanov - download


Professor Dame Hazel Genn

Professor Genn is an internationally renowned scholar on civil justice,
inaugural Commissioner of the Judicial Appointments Commission,
member of the Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity, and has worked
closely with the Judicial Studies Board for over a decade.


Professor Cheryl Thomas


Professor Thomas is the UK’s first Professor of Judicial Studies,
the country’s leading expert on juries, a specialist in judicial
decision-making and diversity, and has served as a consultant
on judicial affairs to the Ministry of Justice, JSB, HMCPSi, Council
of Europe among others.



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